I just got back from Phoenix, AZ where I rented a car at the airport from a national franchise sleaze bag owner.  The fun started as I approached the counter and started the rental process with a lady who, at first, was so sweet.  Then she started her sales pitch.  The compact car I had rented might not make it to the Grand Canyon.  “It’s like a Ford Fiesta and might overheat going up those mountains.  You’ll have to turn your heater on to cool the engine down.”  I told her I wasn’t worried, but she wouldn’t quit.  I finally wore her down.  She was not happy.  Then she gave me the insurance pitch, trying to scare me into buying their extra coverage.  Of course I said no.  Her displeasure was obvious.  THEN she tries to sell me gasoline.  Another “NO!”  Once the pounding to sell failed, she really blew me off and finished our business talking so fast that I couldn’t understand a word.  She was disgusted.

Well, she upgraded me she said.  When I went downstairs, I found out why.  They had no compacts to rent so she had no choice!  Just another lie on her part.  It didn’t end there.  As I started the car, I noticed it was not full of gas.  I headed back to the desk to have them make a note of it.  Of course, when I returned the car it had more gas in it than when I rented it.  That’s the idea, I’m sure.  This is the second time this has happened to me this year with different companies.  Think about it.  If you do the math, this is a scam.  They hope you bring it back full and they make money.  At $4 a gallon, if you cheat each customer out of two gallons and multiply that by hundreds of rentals a week, it all makes sense to a crook.  It’s stealing.  If not illegal, it’s sure immoral.  In the long run I believe it’s short sighted and bad business.  If you have to cheat your customers to make a living, you shouldn’t be in business.  JERKS!!!  

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