I am blessed to have married a woman who knows how to pack light.  I’ve noticed that few women have this gift.  Since we travel quite a bit, I feel blessed (“blessed,” the most overused word in Christendom!) 

It’s hard for me not to notice those poor bastard husbands in airports and train stations who are married to those other women.  They never have a smile on their faces as they stand surrounded by a sea of “her” luggage.  I promise you they are mentally calling their wives every profane name ever invented, in multiple languages if they’re bilingual.

Since I am a man, I can only speculate about this unique female packing phenomenon.     I think women always want a choice when dressing.  They want to pick out an outfit to wear.  That’s fine when you’re home in your walk in closet admiring your Imelda Marcos collection of shoes and rows and rows of clothes but not when you travel by train or plane and especially not when travelling in Europe!

Ladies, I say if you pack it, you drag it!  Look, you’ll never see these people again.  Nobody cares if you wear the same dark blue sweater twice.  Nobody will know you washed your underwear in the bathtub.  The whole idea of travel is to have fun.  You’ll have more fun by packing light.  Your husband will bow lower and feel BLESSED. 

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