It’s interesting how adults act on vacation in a beach town.  I think they’re trying to recapture a piece of their youth.  So some, not all, seem to act about 10 or 15 years younger than they really are.  A little drunker, a little louder and quite a bit goofier.  The guy flirts with the waitress right in front of his long suffering wife.  She’s usually cool about his flirtation because of all the people in the world; she knows how harmless he really is.  Of course, women aren’t exempt from this phenomenon either.  They’ll dress a little hotter than they’d ever do at home just hoping and praying some doorman will card them.  Now the doorman knows how flattering women find this so they card a lot of older women.  Could there be a better way to greet a cute 35-90 year old woman at a drinking establishment?  “Is everybody happy?”  YEAH!!!

They go home after a week to their normal humdrum lives and I’m still here at the beach waiting for next week’s cast of characters.  That’s my observation from the bandstand. 

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