“Somebody shot the President!”  I was walking to the cafeteria at Maryvale High School when I heard someone utter those words in a panicky sort of voice.  “What?” I thought.  To this day I don’t remember who said it as they scurried by.  I don’t even remember if it was a boy or a girl.  I do recall exactly where I was.  In fact, if you took me back to my old school today, I could show you within a couple of feet where I was walking when I heard those unbelievable words.

I’m pretty sure most Americans of my demographic have a similar recollection.  To me, high school is a bit of a blur, but that moment is etched in my memory.  I remember my feelings at that moment.  Shock and disbelief gave way to anger.  Then the dominoes began to fall – Vietnam, more assassinations and riots in the streets.  Camelot ended.  Not just for the Kennedys but for us too.

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