The world is different. The world is the same. I mean no matter where I’ve traveled, Italy, Austria, Switzerland or Des Moines, Iowa, some folks are nice and some folks are jerks. It’s amazingly true. You walk into a restaurant or store anywhere on the planet and you meet the same sorts. The point I’m getting around to is this. If you’re going to work with the public, smile and be nice. If you can’t do that, get a job on a factory line or learn how to fake it! Yeah, fake it. Sure you hate your job. You probably hate people including yourself, but fake it for me. You know some nights I don’t feel that great, but I dare someone to name a performance when I didn’t smile. Tony Bennett said it best. “When I’m onstage I act like there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than right there.” When I heard that, it really rang true with me. And guess what? When I make myself smile, after a while I actually feel better. Faking it is good for both the fakee and the faker. So store clerk, food server, fellow entertainer and anyone else working in the public sector just fake it for me.

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